Announcement Epic "[Gen 9] Duomod v2" leaks (NOT CLICKBAIT)

I haven’t really been in this community for super long, but you’ve been cool as hell basically the whole time I’ve been here. the original (gen 9) blindsided was one of the most fun community things I’ve ever done. i super appreciate you and your contributions to pet mods, even as someone relatively new to the whole thing, and I can see how important and cool they were. ill miss you here but i wish you nothing but the best on your future endeavors.

salute :salute:


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I'm not really good with words so I'm gonna keep this simple
You were always someone who could be relied on and you helped a lot of people improve and even get into Pet Mods in the first place. I wish you the best for your future endeavors. (Also no more asking Duo for perms damn)

Have a good one Duo. You always did the best trying to help us and making our time as enjoyable as it could be. When I look up at the starry sky and see that big fat Pikachu constellation, I'll always remember that there's a big fat Pikachu in our hearts (although my doctor said it could be something different but he might be wrong)


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Best of luck going onwards o7

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